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Jun 24, 2017

Plus Pierre joins Ku this week to discuss how bragging rights are the real motivation behind immigrant strictness, why church bands are so bad, and how he lost his virginity on Amtrak.


Jun 17, 2017

Darren Carter and Sara Dahms join Ku this week to talk about his fortuitous encounter with his long lost brother, what the last leg of the civil war is, and the running of the piñatas. 



Jun 9, 2017

Don Barris joins Ku this week to talk about how his cult classic Windy City Heat came to fruition, what his co-star Perry Caravello is up to now, and why he thought Ku would suck at singing. 



Jun 2, 2017

Frazer Smith joins Ku this week to reminisce his glory days in radio, what party mode he was on, and why you shouldn't be friends with guys at big record companies. 


May 27, 2017

Jacob Sirof joins Ku this week to debunk the myth that twins are clones and discuss how to get free therapy. Jacob Sirof is a comedian you may have seen on Last Comic Standing, Down and Dirty with Jim Norton, and Chelsea Lately. 


May 19, 2017

Helen Hong joins Ku this week to teach her how to say butthole in Korean, analyze all the bad things her parents said to her, and why Ku thinks she's Japanese. 



May 12, 2017

Yoshi Obayashi joins Ku this week to talk about cult leadership, how to find a future pretty girl, and how he conquered his nervousness around pretty women. 


May 2, 2017

Comedian Greg Howell joins Ku this week to reminisce the good ole days in Boston, his memory of her first comedy duo, and a recap of a fun weekend in Providence, Rhode Island. 


Apr 25, 2017

Kevin Shea joins Ku this week to talk about the United Airlines fiasco, meeting his birth mom, and making girls deal with rejection. Kevin is a comedian who's been on the Kim's of Comedy, The Jimmy Kimmel Show, and HBO's Down N Dirty. 


Apr 6, 2017

Yoshi Obayashi joins Ku this week to lend an ear regarding all the events leading up to, during and after her mom's funeral. Yoshi is the host of his own podcast Yoshi Didn't. 


Mar 20, 2017

Comedian Jason Collings and his twin brother David sit down to make Ku jealous that she doesn't have a twin sister, to reveal what Jason whispered in Justin Timberlake's ear, and to talk about how pretty Jo Koy is. 



Mar 14, 2017

Jim Norton joins Ku this week to talk about working on the Opie and Anthony Show, his struggles with sex addiction, and to promote his new Netflix special Mouthful of Shame. 


Feb 27, 2017

Aiko Tanaka joins Ku this week to talk about fixing credit scores, how leaving ketchup on your tooth can prevent you from getting laid and what a powerful baby Ku was. 


Feb 13, 2017

Albert Escobedo joins Ku this week to talk about his experience teaching English in Korea and teaching Veterinarian school at the American College of Healthcare. Albert Escobedo is a comedian you've seen doing Roast Battle and teaches at Huntington Park Community College. 



Jan 19, 2017

Cory Fernandez joins Ku this week to talk about having braces in college and they begin to process her mom's passing. Cory Fernandez was the first Puerto Rican to ever perform on Def Comedy Jam, has been in the movie Cop Out and on HBO. 


Jan 13, 2017

Aiko Tanaka joins Ku this week to reminisce the times they've made grown men cry, why she doesn't eat kiwi's anymore, and how a prank in gym class ended in surgery. 


Jan 3, 2017

George Perez joins Ku this week to talk about working as a DJ in seven strip clubs, growing up in Orange County in the eighties, and the most difficult part of leaving prison. 


Dec 27, 2016

Stephanie Simbari and Elizabeth Kott from the That's So Retrograde podcast join Ku this week to brainstorm sketch ideas, talk about how to make a vision board, and what it's like to get a colonic. 




Dec 19, 2016

Dave Juskow joins Ku this week to give his reaction to the Jewish Eeyore episode, share his story of how he almost got killed while hitting on a girl, and whether it's fun or mean to be mean. 


Dec 13, 2016

Comedian Jessica Stern and Ku talk about the technological advances that need to be made for high heels, why Ku's bedroom wall is lined with lockers and what surprises her most when she looks in the mirror. Jessica Stern is a NYC comedian who has been on The Wendy Williams Show, Discovery Channel and the movie Sisters. 


Dec 5, 2016

Billy Corben and Yoshi Obayashi join Ku this week to talk about his bucket list, corruption in Florida politics and his upcoming project Cocaine Cowboys Los Muchachos. Billy Corben is the creator of Cocaine Cowboys, The U, Broke and several other award-winning documentaries. 



Dec 1, 2016

Dwayne Gill joins Ku this week to give advice on what not to say when being pulled over by a cop, how cops are misrepresented on TV, and how he almost got shot as an undercover cop. Dwayne Gill currently works as a comedian and a Michigan State Trooper. He has been on ABC's Detroit 187, The Bob and Tom Show, and the movie Crave. 


Nov 22, 2016

Air Tabigue and Ku sit down to talk about running marathons, working in a female dominated environment and Filipino culture. Air Tabigue is a NYC comedian from Long Island who has appeared on NBC, FOX, TFC, and an Asian America special on PBS.  


Nov 15, 2016

Plus Pierre and Kat Toledo join Ku this week to talk about the voodoo powers of Haitians, do an impromptu game show on Jesus and find out which states have higher lithium content and what effect that has on crime. 



Nov 1, 2016

Peter Bisuito and Ku talk about what it means to be a Platinum Gay, the struggle of living two lives at once, and how Invisalign can improve one's sex life. Peter Busuito is a comedian whose been on Oprah and is currently trying to get on Ellen. 


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